Meow Meow Meow

Tell you what…I am a fierce cat…and I love scratching. But I have decided to change. No more meowing. No more scratching.

Don’t know that I am a fierce cat? Tell you my story.

When I am stressed, concentrated or in deep thoughts, I love scratching. You can see the scratched  marks on my legs. I love pulling my nails, especially my toe nails, till they bleed. You can see my feet almost stripped bare of nails.

I realized that this problem is getting serious when I found out the gory appearance the back of my left ear is having now.

Before this, the back of my left ear got some infection from the earrings I wore.
But, this was months ago around in January or February. I remember very clearly that I have never worn any earrings since I started my postgraduate study in February.

Now, it looks gory. I just realised this after I tried to take a photo of it just now. Before this, I had no chance to look at it as it is impossible to turn my eyes to the back of my left ear.

Knowing this, I know it’s time to change my scratching habit. And, it’s time to take good care of myself and look awesome. Who likes ragged, overshortened nails? Scarred skin? Disgusting ear? Nobody. So I shall take good care of the wound and recover.

I feel really dizzy now. My right knee is still painful. The long stretches of text have demoralized me. Time to sleep. Good night. Thanks for listening. I shall wake up as a completely new self, instead as a cat. Meow…Meow…

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