Something taken doesn’t count

She lost a shred of herself
Pangs of inadequacy attacked her
With the unreturned  stolen part
She felt herself unfit for love

Her longing was never answered
because she couldn’t feel the love flowing towards her
she felt she was not ready to be loved
always with the old label she had since small
only captured finger pointing at her old label
She mostly sensed negativity around
Most positivity of love was out of her radar
Love was never enough for her

She was green with envy
Obsessed with people’s happiness
Seeing people’s smile
Tried to steal the smile and put it on her face
without knowing that the smile cannot be owned by her completely

God pointed the route to the Paradise for her
Looking at God’s finger which was pointing to the moon
instead of looking at the moon
She never arrived to the moon
but only the finger tip

At last, she realized the cycles of reopening old wounds
She learnt to remember people’s kindness
instead of just hostility
trusting that she was meant to be loved

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