Drunk with Love Alcohol

Some of us might like to aim to be a perfect person
Firing on all cylinders to achieve our goals
Ignoring the process
Miss out sweet little things in our daily life
Be it the mood of our colleague, mum’s tooth extraction,
your baby’s first word, a new friendship…

Sometimes, it is good to be imperfect and blurred
It is because we get into a thing called love when we are blurred
If you have crystal-clear mind
you put your benchmark too high
you cannot accept anything out of your expectations

If you just simply accept without questioning
you will be flabbergasted by endless surprises
Happiness is because of a blurred image
It’s because we are drunk with love alcohol

That’s when we appear not so cool
and willing to give a helping hand
to complete others’ inadequacy
instead of making judgement and giving death penalty

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