Time is a good healer

As time goes,
I tend to forget the rotten part of the apple
I only remind myself of the sweetest part

Time washes away the negativity
leaving only the positivity
I am no longer having blues
but our camaraderie lingers in my heart always

Walking through my life
remembering to count my blessings

Draw a eye-pleasing picture
by leaving out what I don’t like
yet not wishing real bad things away
It is not as escape from the truth
but a diversion for an oasis of happiness

Time is a good healer
I think I will forget all the bad memories
and only take the good memories with me
till the end of this journey
where I arrive to meet you again

We have the courage to say Goodbye
with insistence and determination
Though no contact between us
I can guess your feeling
I can’t wait for our ending point
where there’s a starting point for me
No matter how, I am still here like last time

You are in Region A observing the sunrise
I am in Region B observing the sunset
Interchangeably, I am observing the sunrise and you the sunset
Though apart, we are observing the beauty of our own life pages

At first, it is all about tears
but as I crack on
with the sweet memory to bolster up my spirit
and the depressing moments seem trivial
Nothing that stays in my memory can demoralize my spirit 
I feel the world is still beautiful as always

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