Delete My Love

Watched Hong Kong movie ‘Delete My Love’ in Paradigm Mall.

Some noteworthy points from my movie time:

No matter how much you hate and dislike your family members, lover or friends, bear it.

If you try to change them or have them replaced, you will feel pangs of guilt and remorse.

Nobody is perfect. Diamond is perfect due to friction that shapes it well. The imperfection in us has friction all the times to shape a perfect relationship.

Never let the light dawn on you that they are irreplaceable at the moment that is too late.

The best thing on the island at the faraway side is not really as good as it seems.

What you have is the best. Be it a sumptuous apple or tasteless apple, the apple you have grown is the best as tasting your own harvest out of your cultivation is the most satisfying thing.

What you have is yours, not borrowed, not gained by selling your soul, not grabbed or stolen from others. You can have it by all terms.

Cherish, Love and Hold on to what you are given. It God’s grace. What you have is the most suitable. You may suffer now in terms of loneliness, anger, disgust….but the sweet, delightful, loving moment is at the next corner waiting for you.

You won’t regret choosing to appreciate what you have. Remember not to give in to seduction as the grass always looks greener at the other side. Things that have been gained through blood and sweat are the sweetest gift.

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