Here’s my holiday

Day One
Finished my class at 5.30pm. Once I reached my hostel by UM bus, without eating and bathing, got into my bro’s car and moved. Trapped in traffic jam. Waiting for my busy bro to finish his work in his office. Met his colleague who praised that I was pretty and Korean-like. Reached my bro’s house. After he finished packing, we went to his friend’s place. His friend drove us to Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Boarded a LRT train. Got down at Masjid Jamed. Felt lost a little bit. Tired of walking with luggage. Boarded Sri Petaling/Ampang train. Stopped at Pudu. Walked 10 minutes. Lost. Asked for direction. Time was running out. Got back to the train. Went backwards for the right train station for Pudu bus station, Plaza Rakyat. Sweaty.

Bought some food. Hungry. Bread and fruits.100 plus. Couldn’t sleep in the bus. Bus is my thinking chamber. Suddenly missed a voice. Couldn’t remember whose voice. Recalled back. Oh…it is my previous student who challenged me in facilitating her to finish her meals. Missing my previous job.
Realised…if you take over a responsibility which you do not like but put in effort to carry out, you will gain much. It was not a sweet responsibility, but now I taste its sweetness.

Day Two
Travelled in Sani bus from 11pm plus till 5.30am with my handsome bro. Once we reached, without further rest, headed our beloved late grandmum’s grave for praying time. Got to catch up with my big family, old and young.

Shopped for a tech device with my bro. Bought Samsung Tab with Papago for parents. And chocolate mint ice-cream cake. Dad was too excited with the surprise. He loves the Papago, lottery apps, camera…

Day Three
Read, read, read, eat, eat, eat. I had lost 2 kg since I moved to PJ. These few days at home, I have gained back 1 kg. Although I am preoccupied, I enjoy my time with family. Dad asked whether he can use Papago to find Mum in the shopping mall by keying in Mum’s name. We laughed till rolling on the floor.

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