Where is happiness?

A motherly hug is happiness for a baby
An ice-cream is happiness for a girl
A good academic report is happiness for a student
Healthy body is happiness for a sick man
A salary increment is happiness for a working man
A holiday is happiness for a busy man
A happy child is happiness for a mummy
Good health for parents is happiness for a son
A baby is happiness for newly-wed couples
A friend is happiness for loners

Everyone has their own definition for happiness
Her happiness doesn’t equal to your happiness
Your happiness doesn’t equal to her happiness too

Find your happiness
create your happiness
What comes from us is the most precious and delighting
Stop copying others’ happiness

Sometimes, it depends on your set standard of happiness
for me, happiness is learning new things as a student
going back hometown during my holiday
hanging out with best friends
get my assignments done before deadlines

If you are not happy
It’s time to adjust your set standard for happiness
We can be more contented
yet working hard to build a beautiful tomorrow
stepping towards a better tomorrow

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