Rules to love myself

  1. Dress according to your likes and comfort
  2. Have your own way instead of adapting to the fashion
  3. Eat slowly to enjoy your mealtime
  4. Cry only a while for somebody
  5. Take in mainly nutritious food
  6. Rest when you are sick
  7. Sleep early and wake up early to enjoy life
  8. Read some good books
  9. Write to share your stories
  10. Enjoy the company of your loved ones
  11. Indulge in some hobbies
  12. Exercise your body which loves to move
  13. Say only what you love to say
  14. Keep your secret to only people you trust
  15. Smile always
  16. Forgive but not forget
  17. Work hard but play hard too
  18. Spend on facial care and women’s apparels
  19. Do what you love instead of giving in to others
  20. Trust what you trust, do what you trust, share what you trust
  21. Travel at least once a year
  22. Keep your room spick and span
  23. Reject what you don’t trust
  24. Say no when you don’t want something
  25. Live for yourself, don’t live someone’s life
  26. Eat breakfast everyday
  27. Eat if you are hungry
  28. Sleep when your tummy is not full
  29. Express your love
  30. Help always
  31. Call home always
  32. Go home always
  33. Apologize to ease things up
  34. Catch up with friends
  35. Build a relationship you love

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