It’s okay to be scolded, belittled, boycotted, suspected, neglected, let down, hurt, betrayed…
as all this means nothing to me
it’s the negative energy trying to bring me down
so I won’t care the negativity coming from outside

Negativity pulls me down
I should unfriend it
Positivity makes me feel great and rise above the ground
I should let Positivity in

The bravery to turn away from Negativity is not easily available
so make a change
thorough change

Sometimes, we can be very courageous in certain space
we fight tooth and nail in the space
yet the outcome of our effort doesn’t meet our set goals
so make sure you find the right space to express your courage

if not, no matter how much you feel you are courageous
you are just a coward
face the real war point
strut your way to it
fight it with real blood and tear
and I will put on you the crown of Hero

We were born as a courageous baby
When we were crawling to move around
we didn’t know the word ‘fear’
as we are growing
our fear is maximised

Blame the world’s lessons that intimidate your heart
forget all the conclusions made out of fear
back to the same baby
maybe you are not fearful
but being tied up by the wrong assumptions and perceptions

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