The rules to survive in love

Why am I feeling sad?
Is it because of my reluctance?
Reluctant to give up and face my failure?
Reluctant to give away my source of happiness?
Reluctant to accept myself as a person who loses the time to love?
Reluctant to accept myself as a person no longer being loved by him?

After I lose, I learn to appreciate something more
but is it stupid to appreciate something that is no longer there?

Maybe, I should stop forcing myself
and just leave it to God
I should trust that God is mightier than me
God is perfect in His plan and work
I have tried my best
and will just leave the rest to God

I will pray to God to make myself mentally stronger
and wait for His messenger
His messenger can come in various forms
can be in the form of an utterance from someone
an encouraging story
a special quote from a book, movie or drama episode

I shall wait
If he is destined to be someone’s
he will be
If he’s not
I can’t force it
I have done my part
I shall sit and observe with peace

With our current positions
I feel there’s more air to breathe
less tension, less sleepless nights
this might be our best positions
so enjoy the position
enjoy the quietness
enjoy the loneliness
thinking that the someone is happy being left in the position

A good decision works well
only when you have made the decision yourself
not that others have made for you
A goal can be fulfilled when you tell your heart to achieve it
not when you listen to others’ advice

giving up does not mean failure but blessing to others
loneliness does not mean emptiness but calmness
pain does not mean sadness but honesty to myself
separation does not mean the end but a better part of our journey

why I can’t let go?
Is it because I love myself, the person who is courageous and capable in love?
Not because of somebody,but myself
I shall start rebuilding myself
All starts from me, all ends with me
If I have never possessed anything, how can I lose something?

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