A shining lady

Alek Wek, a top fashion model, grew up in a place of famine. Her childhood was about the dire need for food, coupled with the wars surrounding her house.
There was one night. Her mum pulled the latch of the door in the mid of a quiet night. The gunmen heard the noise as a sign of danger, therefore firing rains of bullet at their love nest. All her family fled and sought for shelter, feeling the highest level of fear. Their meals were made up of plant-based food harvested from the minimal vegetation cultivated in their house yard. One of them was peanut. I feel not a single meal she had in Sudan, a extremely famished country would be gratifying for me.
It was her past. Now, she is a gorgeous star with fame after being spotted by a talent hunter. Living in a city of leisure, she feels bad looking at the immense quantity of edible food going into the dustbin. She even took away the leftover at restaurants. Her ex-boyfriend felt this deed was eating his egoism away. I guess that was why they are no longer together.
In a city, most people live to eat. For Alek, she eats to live. Eat with conscience, eat with dignity, eat with love, eat with care…She makes sure the energy from the food she has eaten will bring love and hope to the world where help is much needed.
Click on the links below for more stories of Alek Wek, the noteworthy figure who is a missionary of WorldVision and an advocate for better life of refugees who are suffering as she were.

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