A special, tiring day

It had been a long day. The time was plodding along. I tried to board a UM bus (I mean Universiti Malaya.) but I missed it. This happened as I couldn’t recognize the City Liner as UM bus. Another weary half-an-hour wait after the miss.
Worse still, I slept very late. I had be sprawling under my blanket. At last, I decided to raise my white flag and took my sleeping pill. (The pill makes me sleepy during daytime especially when I am studying.)
Successfully, I reached the Chancellor’s Building. However, I felt so minimal in this vast, unfamiliar place. Eventually, I lost my way in this brick jungle. After walking and turning, I had sweated off a few grammes, I guess. That was when I met an Indonesian student. Kindly, he walked me to my destination. We got to have a short heartwarming chitchat.
I ran and caught the bus to go to the next station. All was for my scholarship application. (Not sure if I will get it, just try my luck.) Walking and running for my bus. Sweating. Panting and puffing. The officer was not available, so I visited the office thrice to get my document settled. On the way, I missed a bus and waited wearily.
The evening internal bus was packed like sardines. I couldn’t move. My view was almost totally blocked the standing passengers. I even asked for a lady’s favor to ring the bell and notify the driver to stop. I elbowed my way to the bus exit. Sighed in relief, I stopped the bus at the right time. It was hard to know where was the bus moving towards as my destination was obscure behind the standing passengers.
Giving up on the crowded bus. I resorted to walking. It took me a few minutes.
I was so tired and I felt like lying on my bed right away. Time was so slow during my Morphology lesson. By the way, I tried to think good and feel good.
Suddenly, a lady, someone I did not know, complimented on my purple sandals. My day got better. When I was thinking…I look badly…sweaty…smelly…disheveled hair…darkened due to walks under the sun…she suddenly popped out a piece of sentence that makes my day even better. “You look really pretty!”
Praises should come handy, you never know when your simple praise might brighten up someone’s miserable day. I ate only two bananas for my breakfast and lunch. However, my roommate kept me company for my dinner. Dinner which was not bad. Hmmm…not a really bad day.

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