Move to Petaling Jaya

New house
New room
New table
New bed
New wardrobe
New people
New responsibilities
New places
New atmosphere

What’s next?
New thoughts
New heart
New habit
New goals

Friends, I have just moved here to give my student’s life a new page. I still feel a little uneasiness in this unfamiliar place. However, as I move on, things get easier. Things get easier when you are putting in effort to make them easier.

Have faith that tomorrow will be better. When I am doing it, I feel closer to happiness. There is no people or things that will definitely be yours so stop the cheap tears flowing.

Don’t dwell on people or things too much. We have come to this world naked so we will go back to our creator naked too. Every pieces of life is not possession but experience. It is like watching a drama as we lives. Don’t be so serious as the drama will end soon. Just enjoy the ride. Enjoy the loss, pain, loneliness, disappointment…

Don’t run away from sadness. Whoever can feel happiness can feel sadness too. Every single thing has two sides. Sadness and happiness. Gain and loss. Success and failure.

Don’t get too obsessed with the positive side. If there is no negative side, how do you know to appreciate happiness? When you are not too obsessed with good things in your hands and not too affected by sad events, bliss will follow you. Not too sad…not too happy. Calmness is in the air.

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