Make a change in 2014

I am resistant to change
as I don’t like the fear of change
I am afraid of uncertainty and loss of familiarity

However, I know I need to change
If not, my life will be stagnant
Change is needed to move on
If not, I will stay in the same problem
I need to grow

I need to change my thinking, feeling and behaviour
for change to happen
I need to be courageous to step into another zone
I have to let go of my false belief, assumption and habit

With a change,
I will no longer be annoyed with the same situation
and the same kind of troublesome people

The breakdown will become a breakthrough
I will rise to a new level
and encounter a completely new situation and group of people

When you change within,
you will shine with your words, smile and actions
people’s hearts get melted by your true love and care
You are in a new world

Then, the next problem comes
the problem solving comes again
you get more mature with each problem solved

Imperfection leads to perfection
With imperfection,
I need to learn and improve
to achieve perfection
That’s how perfection comes in

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