New Year’s Resolution (2014)

2013 has almost come to an end

There has been happy moments that I will miss tomorrow
Yet nobody can take away my sweet memory
Memory will always be with me, unchangeable

There has been depressing moments
Yet my dreams still stay with me

There has been disappointment and hopelessness
Yet I just need a reason to proceed to the next
and a goal to accomplish

There has been cold and cruel treatments
Yet I just have to contribute my love
to fill the world with love

There has been teary moments
Yet I just have to strengthen my heart,
look through the tear and see the coming sunny days

There has been failure
Yet I can just learn to be not so calculative

There has been worries
Yet I just need to spin outwardly instead of thinking inwardly

There has been heartbreak
Yet I just need to move on with new reasons and goals

There has been indefiniteness in this world
Yet I just need to change my favouritism

There has been sadness
Yet nobody is sad forever
You just need to accept the fact, cry
and smile to welcome a better tomorrow

Happy New Year, my dear ones!

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