What do you have for me, Santa?

There has been dispute on Black Santa and White Santa. Who is the real Santa? Black or White? It doesn’t matter. The truth is not really important. What matters is the value this festival can bring.

Is Christmas all about sumptuous turkey and gifts? Or it’s just about merry celebrations and count-down gatherings? Maybe you think that it’s all about the glittering Christmas tree and Santa Claus.

Not just this. It is a festival to remind us to be grateful. Being grateful towards our heroes and heroins. Being grateful for the challenges that have made us grow in a night. Being grateful to be able to gather with our loved ones on this wonderful festive day. Being grateful that we are still taking our breath. The list just goes on.

Instead of sitting under the most beautiful Christmas tree to wait for the Santa’s arrival…who is going to bring along gifts…I guess it’s better for me to start reminisce my past…What have I done wrong? Who have I hurt? Have I achieve the good deeds that the Santa reminded me off last Christmas? Am I a good girl? Am I entitled to the Christmas gifts specially prepared by the Santa for good girls and boys?

Well, Christmas is not just about great food and laughter. I am going to look into my heart to see what is there and what is not there for me to receive a gift for the Santa tonight.

OK, done with my post. Going to put up my Christmas sock.  
Wish you Merry Christmas ! 

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