I’m the chooser

I came back from my family trip in KL and Melaka just a few hours ago
This trip has changed me
It was a long trip
Many hours in the buses and my brother’s car
I got to think a lot
Well, if you want to know more, read further.

During the trip,
there was a sentence that has affected me a lot
‘Whatever that comes to your life, it is out of the choices you have made. It’s all because of you.’

I started to think a lot in terms of many aspects in my life
Life as a daughter, sister, friend, student, working lady, admirer…
There are good and bad parts in all this
When I started to realize that all this has happened because of my choice
I get more relaxed, free, happy…

Why do I end up being at certain places?
Because I chose to go there after my consideration of many factors
Why did the person treat me so badly?
Because the character I choose to represent myself allowed the person to do this
Why do I have certain kinds of friends?
Because my choice of discussion topics and group activities bring us together
Why do I feel sad?
Because I choose to have the intention to own something that I may not be getting forever
Why do I feel disappointed?
Because I choose to believe that I am entitled to something that is not mine
Why do I get hurt?
Because I choose to contribute and feel dejected when I get no positive feedback
Why am I like this?
Because I choose to think, feel and behave in this way
Why do I have this kind of life?
Because I choose to walk on this path, instead of taking a turning
Why do my parents always worried about me?
Because I do not succeed in giving them confidence.

It’s all my choice
I can’t blame anyone
I should accept all this willingly
It is what I have chosen after consideration
My decisions won’t change even though there is a time spaceship
Because with all the available knowledge, experience and resources,
I were still be making the same decisions
As the time goes, I will realize what kinds of choice are the best for me
All the choices in the time range will bring me closer to my Paradise

I feel less resentment, jealousy, anger, sadness, loneliness, disappointment…
Less negative feeling now
My heart gets lighter

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