I don’t care to whom the lollipop belongs to
Come and grab it if you like
I just believe that it doesn’t matter who gets the lollipop
But I belong to me
I need to be happy
instead of being a waiter for happiness

Heartbreak is not the ending
but a beginning
without pain,
how can you know the feeling of …
getting ovation when you stand up to play again
after a painful fall?

The loss means your happiness star is waiting at the next corner
Keep moving on as you are wincing in pain
Don’t let the journey to Paradise fall apart
Let the pain complete you,
not to hinder you from achieving
Pain makes you more attractive

As you have decided to give it out,
don’t ask it back
How can you ask the birthday boy to return your gift?
It is so out of normality

If you want a lollipop,
why not make it yourself?
you know your favourite flavour
As your lollipop is made perfectly
many people come and share theirs with you
as they want to exchange for yours
the world is round
walk and walk
you come back to the same place
your given love too

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