Life is how I make it

Today, I had binge eating again. I nearly banged the wall but I didn’t. However, i broke the most beautiful cup. This is an improvement. Last time, my colleague asked me where I had got the bruises. I couldn’t remember. I had forgotten that I banged the wall with my bare hands.

I want to remain naughthy
It is okay to be self-centred and childish
I can go for whatever I dream of
Ignoring the rules of world
I can just care for what matters for me
It is okay to be cruel
as I am a personal entity

I am responsible for my happiness
My happiness is what I have faith in, 
what I trust,
and what I think is the best for all
We have different mind
Your happiness is not my responsibility
I can’t carry you behind me

If you hate me,
I will just have a gloomy day and find an exit
An exit to another happiness
If you accept me with open hands
I will go for you with an open heart

I don’t care what you and others think
I am on my own way
Building my life from pieces
You can’t say that my sandcastle is not beautiful
Because it is going to be my best memory
A memorable time when I give my first try

All I do will worth it
It is my paper
It is up to me to draw anything on it
just like a baby getting used to a pencil
and turning into a painter

You don’t have to be responsible for my happiness
You just have to follow your way
Be on your way to your happiness
as I don’t want you to step on my way
Caution: Walk your own way.
If you are happy, I may get infected too.

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