Black and White

At this age,
you have to be stronger
weakness makes you inferior and presented negatively.

Who says that black can’t mix with white?
Black and white form grey
Grey, a magnificent colour
Black and white form piano keys
Music, the greatest invention
Black makes white whiter

Your toleration touches my heart
Your smile adds a smile on my face
Your forgiveness makes me grow
Your temper makes me patient
Your sadness makes me a heart guard
Your inconsideration makes me stronger

Who says a weak student can’t succeed?
I have seen Simon Cowell, Bill Gates, John Mackey…
(I am not suggesting that being a dropout is good, I am just saying that hard work and effort either during your school life or outside of your school can let you have a sniff of success.)

Who says an ugly lady is destined to be cornered?
I have listened to the story of an ugly duckling turning into a white swan.

There is nothing which is definite and certain in this world

It is up to us to design our world
It is your mindset
Change your mind
If you can’t, be the change you want to see
If you can’t, change your world
get an exit and start anew
There is always another door left open

Thanks for having you in my life
Thanks for letting me to rely on you
Thanks for always being there
This makes me stronger

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