I open the yellow window curtain
Longing for the sunlight
At the first sight of the first ray of sunlight
I stretch my hand to have a hold of it
I try to grasp it
my hand turns into a fist
I can’t get even a single shred of it

But I breathe in relief
for the sunlight has not perished 
It is always here around me
Surrounding me gently and wholly
I am well by its company

I was too obsessed with the grasp of sunlight
I was cheated by my past indulgence 
I was too foolish to realize that the touch of it is magical
Its touch through my skin is just as fine as the Paradise

It falls on me without condition
It is here for today and tomorrow
It stays for thousands years
It needs none of my parts to stay bright and warm

It is so loyal and selfless
I am so blessed
I was depressed for the thought of not having it
I know I am wrong
for it is destined for me
I blame myself for my greediness, self-centredness, ignorance…
I appear so inferior to sunlight
for it protects me
for it nourishes me
for it educates me
for it empowers me

I am no longer attached to any strings of foolishness 
for the sunlight has set me free
I have you all and everything to be happy
Thanks for the beautiful traces and scars
that enriches me
This journey doesn’t end here

Friends, I am too occupied with many things
that I haven’t Whatapps, Line or Facebook you for ages
Please drop me a message when you are free
to remind me that you are still here

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