The most important lesson I have learned from my work

Out in the world,
the most important lesson…
to differentiate between sincere hearts and insincere hearts
learn to refuse, disagree and defend
in front of fake hearts
learn to say no
so that I won’t fall into the trap of bottomless
so that I won’t turn bad

However, I learn to act friendlily in front of monsters
in this world of ‘You Cheat me, I Cheat you’
These monsters let me know how important  and rare angels are
I start to appreciate and care for those who worth my time
My heart grows stronger
Take in only sweet sincere words
Let the killing words evaporate
Take in those which are real
Take in those which make me happy and grow
Leave the shit behind

I learn to control my desire
and stop making conclusion and judgement
An untoward situation is not necessarily bad
There is no the fastest and best way
It is how we learn, plan and work for it
Stop thinking that without rain, 
the world is dry to death
You should think that the rain is always here
whenever you want it
Life is sweet
The future is sweet
Stop asking for something
Savour now
You have everything if you are breathing

What you want,
you are the only one who knows
You are the master
so give orders to your words and actions
Live for a greater goodness, not for the monsters

Not to be too obsessed with learning
Time to create something
and live out what you have learned
and stand for what you believe
Be the change you want to see
Now is the time
before the flower withers
Doing is learning

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