Rules of Dream

Everyone has a dream to be realized. Some people have their dream waiting anxiously to be realized, some have put it in the closet.
1. Don’t make your dream depend on your parents. Some are thinking that parents can give them a living place and many kinds of financial protection. However, parents are not always there for you. Life is unpredictable. It is always better to be financially independent, without depending on your parents’ bank account. If you can’t stand on your two feet, you will be crippled for the rest of your life. It is a good idea to fly away from home and build a new nest.

2. It is important to know what do you want. Don’t think of trying every cup to know which tea is. Once you have reached the cup of tea, the tea is cold and not nice to drink. Instead, smell the tea with your nose and reach for it. It important to know our purpose and desires before a journey, instead of taking whichever roads that come to our sight. With a destination in mind, we can roughly know the directions. With no final point, we will get lost in the journey and waste our youth. Don’t think of trying all to know what you like. Your youth is limited. Don’t hesitate for your cup of tea.
3. Everyone has her/his own interest. If you say you don’t have one, it is just that you haven’t realize what your interest is.  If something is your interest, you will forget the passing of time when doing it. You will feel like being in the heaven doing it. Even though you have the ability to do something well, if you have no interest in it, you can’t make it a great, long term success. Passion ignites ideas and effort. It is time to indulge in your hobby more often and cut down on activities that disinterest you.

4. Creating a good impression is important for making your dream come true. Sometimes, people have the ability to realize their dream but they are not given an opportunity by people. Why is that they are not given an opportunity? It is because they don’t look credible. Isn’t this a waste? I am not here to emphasize of the importance of physical appearance but it counts. If you want to be a manager, yet you can’t manage the cleanliness and neatness of your room, how are you going to persuade people to believe your managerial capability? An interviewee who picks up a file on the floor when walking into the office for the job interview is employed at the spot. Another interviewee, who just walks over it is not recruited. The first interviewee has shown helpfulness and initiative. What people think of you is important as we work as a group and we succeed as a team. Dress well before you are out. Dress well at home too as there can be people at your house. Be particular about stuff that can represent you.
What’s your dream? Give yourself time to ponder about it. 

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