Love out of a sudden

A longing to love pops out suddenly
It is not the first time

I am no longer a kid
but the longing to be loved like a kid is there
It is like a river flowing into a sea

It can be surprising to eyes
but it is like my naked feet
so real and true

I have survived the past
I am here to love again

Love needs courage, perseverance and patience

All in the past makes the presence more splendid
All from the past, the presence and the future is the best
including the unpleasant spots of to-be-loved
for love fears nothing
timeless love completes me
love is within, not without

love is a cycle
whatever that flows out cleanses the heart
whatever that flows in enriches the heart

love is not a business
love is an exciting train ride

for the ability to love is there
the kingdom is there to be built

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