Playing sand with kids

Every Thursdays, I play sand with my 14 little angels. What is so fun about that?
Before playing, some water is poured into the sandpit. Only damp sand can be shaped into sandcastles, ships, cars, seashells…just like how we are trying to succeed in doing something. Knowing the ways to do it is just not enough, we need passion and burning desire to succeed.
Once the water is poured, it is sipped into the sand quickly and disappears. However, it gives the sand a new colour, making it turn from golden brown to dark brown. 
We have lots of sweet memory but it passed too quickly. Life is too short for us to feel the sweet parts. However, the sweet memory belongs to us. It is ours to cherish and smile at the thought of it. It is what makes our life story look more colourful. 
Where does the ending come from? From the many little pieces of sweet memory collected on our way to the end. Of all our life events, the experience gained is the most valuable. It gives us the strength to move on. 
Sand has the texture of salt, but not the colour of salt (I mean table salt). People can be different. However, at a closer look, we share some similarities. Those similarities bridge us. We may be different but we have different, incomparable life value. Sand can bring happiness to kids. Salt is essential to our health.
When I use both my palms to press on a pile of sand, the sand becomes harder. However, when I use my index finger to poke the hardened sand, my index finger penetrates the sand easily. 
People can become stronger after some challenges and achievement. However, there is a baby in everyone’s heart. Some inconsiderate, rude words and actions can still hurt a strong heart. Every human is a living being with feelings and a need for love.
Playing sand is not that bad!

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