Thanks for giving me the heartache.
The heartache awakes me from my illusion.
Through the pain, I have grown wiser.
Now, I am able to divert the weight of my life from impermanence.
Impermanent relationship, impermanent possessions, impermanent youth…

I learn to be happy by myself,
instead of defining my happiness based on unreliable phenomena.

Because of you, I no longer hold on to positive things tightly
As if I hold them too tightly, their absence makes me depressed
I will always feel worried that my positive things will be grabbed away from others.
Because of you, I no longer stick to sadness too tightly
As what I lost is lost, there is no use to cry over spilled milk
It is better to stand up among ashes and start building with my mental tools
Perseverance, confidence, determination…are my mental tools.
If I proceed from sadness, there can be rainbows at the next turning.

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