Listen to my vegetarian body

Recently, I keep rushing to the toilet bowl after I wake up because I feel like throwing up. The culprit is the non-vegetarian food I ate. It is Chinese New Year. I was thinking to eat a little to blend in. Besides, there are little vegetarian options at my house. I have been feeling hungry from time to time. Tell you something…I ate instant noodles for my reunion dinner. Haha… One afternoon, I really ended up vomiting after my lunch that included shark fin soup and sea cucumber which are non-vegetarian.
Well, when I was eating meat, I still could bite and swallow. However, the after-effect was usually not good. Last year, I was feeling fine during Chinese New Year though I lost weight. I guess my body has got used to my vegetarian diet. The first time I vomited after eating meat for social reason was around May 2012.
From now on, I hope I can listen to my body and stop forcing meat into my body. Many people ask why I could convert my meat-dominated diet to a vegetarian-centred diet so well. I guess it’s about habit. I remember my aunt forcing me to eat lady’s finger till I almost threw up. Whenever I ate wanton mee, I would pick up all the vegetable and gave it to someone. Now, even the smell of meat on the kitchen table make me uncomfortable.
I guess I will never kiss a meat-eater. Haha…I hope I will no longer compromise in the future in this aspect at the face of friendship, marriage, family, colleagues…Listen to my body will do.
I drank Energizing Soy Milk for my breakfast. Nutritious and filling. Going to drink Meal Shakes later. It can lessen hunger and provide you with essential nutrients. Good for busy people who skip meal sometimes. Energizing Soy Milk + Milk Shakes = Good breakfast.

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Oh, I miss vegetarian food…

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