What kids have taught me

I have been in the early childhood education line for 7 months. At first, I was with Vital Years.  Now, I am with Tzu Chi Kindergarten. I have grown my character, wisdom and love in this period.

Before this, I was somebody who had the courage to express love only when my love could certainly return to me. After spending time with kids, I have learned the otherwise.

Some kids are very shy and passive. Even when you approach a kid with a loving heart, the kid may turn away from you. When you speak with interesting tone and actions, you can be sure that all kids will show approval to you right away. You have to keep expressing your love in many ways, till one day, the kid giggles at you.

Now, I can love my family, friends…without expecting something in return. Expectation leads to sorrow. If you keep expecting, you become selfish.

In addition, I learn to be creative in educating and loving people. If you express your love in the same way everyday to a person, the person will get bored, unless you add some spice to the way you love.

Education is the same thing. You need to give some surprises to your kids, instead of repeating the same praise. You might be knowledgeable in the subject, but the way you present your knowledge is important. You have to keep it simple and sensible to the intellectual capacity of the kids. If not, they will be staring at you with clueless eyes.

Learning can be monotonous if there is less activity for the active kids. Kids are active, aren’t they? They love fun things. Therefore, let they play while learning. Then, they can remember your words well.

Everyone has a good heart. A naughty kid may not improve at the first lesson, but if you keep on guiding and caring for the kid, one day he will show some improvement. Don’t be the one waiting for improvement, but be the first one who spots his improvement.

Be patient and hopeful towards people. One day, they can feel your love and love can lighten their perspective and make a great change to happen in them.

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