Valentine’s Surprise

Dinner for two
Instead of dining in a classy restaurant, why not opt for an organic restaurant that serves vegan food? Your lover will feel a difference from an ordinary date. Not only that both of you can have a romantic time, you two are contributing to the great work of saving the earth. This makes your date more meaningful. On the other hand, why not learn to whip up some culinary delights at home? Prepare some organic scented candles for the candlelight feel. I am pretty sure that this will save your bucks. Your food artwork full of love is the way to your lover’s heart.
Chocolate is essential for Valentine’s. Instead of the normal chocolates, why not choose organic chocolates that are free of animal killing, child slavery and worker exploitation? This will give your Valentine’s more specialty. Besides, organic chocolates are free of chemicals. This can show how much you care for your lover’s health.
Valentine’s card
Instead of buying a ready-made card, why not make your own card? A card made from recycled paper is even better. This can show your sincerity in taking time and effort to make the card. A handmade card looks sweeter. Don’t you agree? 
A bottle of perfume sounds splendid for a Valentine’s gift but it is too ordinary. Why not try essential oils? Essential oils are not only nice to smell, but they can relieve tension. This surprise gift will surely gain the liking of your lover.
Instead of buying expensive jewellery, why not book a session for facial treatment, body spa or yoga training? Jewellery is nice to see, but it only contributes to a symbol of status. Nowadays, the security is not good. Won’t you feel scared to walk around with jewellery? Facial treatment, body spa and yoga training can bring you more satisfaction.
A bouquet of flowers for your lover is good but the flowers wither in a few days. What a waste to pay so much for it but the flowers are not eternal. What if you opt for potted flowers? They can last long and decorate the living place of your loved one. It is eco-friendly to plant more in your house. This can show your effort in caring for the potted flowers. 

Your Valentine’s surprise can be better if it can care for your lover’s health, instead of only giving a feeling of surprise on that special day.  
Shaklee offers a range of health products that are safe, effective and green. 
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