Dumpling of Love

Dear XXX,
You are very angry and jealous.
You say that he is too intimate with other ladies.
He laughs a lot with other ladies.
You prefer him to stay a distance away from ladies.

However, years ago
You have fallen in love with him because of this nature
you enjoy talking with him
you enjoy laughing with him
His humorous nature is what catches your heart

Now you want him to forsake this nature
Isn’t this contradicting?

You liked it when he was being protective
You loved him more when he decided everything for you

Now you are annoyed by his authoritative nature
his egoism
his busy-body nature

He has never changed
you have changed

Maintaining a relationship is like making dumplings
He is the dumpling skin
You are the filling for dumplings
Both stick together well and look so nice

When you boil the dumplings
the filling feels so hot
but still doesn’t break out of the dumpling skin
This is called toleration

Next time, try to engulf the dumpling filling with forgiveness
Stay in the dumpling skin
When it is cooked, it can be served as a culinary delight.

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