Love Confession

You might have been at the crossroad of thinking whether to confess your love.

Should have you confessed?

For me, I think you should have.

If he really loves you, what’s wrong with that?
Instead of waiting, waiting and waiting…
wasting precious time for being happy together
why not have the guts to confess?
he might be waiting for your signals
he might be feeling shy
take the courage to break the barrier

If you think he is not a good guy
but you love him
what’s wrong with that?
If he loves you and you loves him
both of you should be a pair
that’s so simple
as long as there is love fire burning
let it burn brighter
when the rain comes
you can’t light even a match
why lose away the precious affinity?

Everyone is imperfect
If we are always being cautious
there will be more distance between humans
then, what’s the fun of this?

If he never loves you
what’s wrong if you confess?
If you never did, you will never know whether he loves you
Instead of guessing, guessing and guessing
waiting, waiting and waiting
why not be a hero to confess and steer your life in the right way?

If he is not for you,
steer your way further for greater future
instead of staying still

when you look back,
you never regret what you have done
you have loved
you have put it in action
your love is never lost
it has been manifested
it brings you further

maybe, the next one is just around the corner
turn your way and find you way

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