Pamper myself

From now onwards,
I am not going to judge myself based on how much you love me
I am not going to let my happiness controlled by how much you care about me
I am happy by myself

I am going to stop thinking of what others can give me
I am going to think of what I can give others
No expectations on others
Expectations lead to disappointment, sadness, jealousy, loneliness and hatred

Enjoy your creativity while caring for others
Enjoy seeing how your Artwork of Love cheers people up

No more lifelong promises, lifelong partners…
Only pampering myself

Stop saving money like hell
If you have 1 billion dollars, but you only manage to use 1000 dollars
What is the point?
You are not a billionaire but only a one-thousand-dollar owner.

Stop being affected by others’ preference, opinion, belief system, feeling…
Go my own way

Loneliness is not because of insufficient love from others
It is because I do not start loving others

No more thinking of how unpopular I am
How ordinary I am
How little soulmates I have
But thinking of what I can make others’ life better

Give and all will come back to you
Only when I lose my egoism that I can get into a thing called ‘love’.

Love more as someone may be waiting for your love
No one loves you more than you love yourself
Love yourself, pamper yourself
Trust yourself
Stop depending on others for love
No one is always there for you
but you are always there for yourself as you are still breathing

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