Love is giving
When you love sincerely
you are at the receiving end
You enjoy every sacrifice you make

Love is not out of a hollow heart
It is out from a loving heart
Don’t start to love because you are not loved
Don’t love for the sake of receiving love

Love is out of richness, no poverty
Love because you are loved
Love because you love yourself so much
When you are full of love
You can share it with others

Love is not coming from nowhere
It is from a loving heart

When you have love, you feel free
Nothing bothers you
Love is from yourself
Don’t seek it from others
The love from others is not permanent

Enjoy loving your people
When you change the perception of getting love and happiness from others
and decide to work better to love others
and make a goal of creating happiness for others
you surpasses all
you feel as if you are at the top of this world

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