Glasses Care

– Do not wipe your glasses with tissue paper or facial tissue. All kinds of tissue are made from wood and they can scratch the glasses.
-Use only cloths specially designed for wiping glasses. If you have no such cloths, use soft cotton.
-Do not use your shirt tail to wipe your glasses, as the dirt and debris attached to your shirt tail can harm the coating of your glasses.
– Before wiping your glasses, run them through water so that the dirt and debris that can scratch the glasses is discarded.
-Do not use any household cleaners to clean your glasses as their corrosive nature can destroy the coating of your glasses, especially if your glasses are anti-scratch and anti-UV.  
– Do not place your glasses under high temperature (under the sun, near the stove…) as the frame may change shape after expansion and the coating which is made of plastic may be affected.
-Do not let the lenses of your glasses face down as they may be scratched.
– Do not sleep with your glasses as this can bend the frame of your glasses.
-Put on or take off your glasses with both your hands so that the frame of your glasses will not be bent due to the pressure
-When your glasses are unused, store them immediately in a safe place to avoid breakage.
Introducing to you CarotoMax from Shaklee. For the health of your eyes.
For enquiries and bookings, leave me a comment or pm me.

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