Cheap sunglasses can harm you

Window shopping with my cousin. Saw some sunglasses. She asked, “do you have a pair too?” “Yes, counterfeit shades.” “That is not good for your eyes. Buy a pair of designer sunglasses.” Is it true?
Well, let me check it out.
There are lots of cheap glasses sold in markets by hawkers who claim that their glasses can block 100% of UV rays. However, the truth is that their glasses cannot. Another group of ‘honest’ hawkers say that their glasses can block most of UV rays.
Putting on sunglasses causes your eyes to dilate, letting more light in. If you glasses do not offer UV protection, this means that more light, in another terms, more UV rays can enter your eyes. In the end, you are harming your eyes by buying cheap sunglasses.
UV rays cause damage to your eyes as how they can damage your skin. Eyes exposed to UV rays frequently can turn blind and cancerous. In Australia, a country next to the ozone hole, where there is the highest skin cancer rates in the world, there has been strict standards for sunglasses, so does in the European Union. Why don’t Malaysia join in the movement?
Next time, make sure that your sunglasses offer 100% protection from UV rays.
Some authentic sunglasses have an extra coating that reflects the glare from the sun off the lenses. Other brands even have lenses that are adaptable to the amount of brightness in the environment so that the wearer can have comfortable eyes wearing them everywhere they go. Some lenses are also smudge and oil resistant as well as impact proof. If your lenses are impact proof, there is less possibility that your eyes will get hurt by broken lenses in the event of any accidents. This is because cheap glasses shatter more easily.

Introducing to you CarotoMax from Shaklee. Ideal for a pair of good eyes.

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