The dangers of genetically-modified soybeans

Soybeans are nutritious. They are the good friends of vegetarians and vegans. However, be careful when you are purchasing soybeans or soy products as there are non-GMO soybeans and GMO soybeans.

Non-GMO soybeans have traditionally been used to make soyfood products such as tofu, miso, and soymilk, while GM soybeans have been used for animal feed or processed into oil and soybean meal.

Due to the high price of non-GMO soybeans, more food manufacturers in Asia and even the United States are using GM soybeans to make soyfoods. However, you should note that GMO soybeans have potentially dangerous effects on the environment and on human health.

Liver Changes

According to Molecular Geneticist Michael Antoniou on the Natural News website, a study with mice and rabbits has proven that GMO soybeans can alter the activity of the animals’ livers. According to Antoniou, these findings suggest that the consumption of GMO soybeans by humans may lead to liver damage and toxemia.

Alllergic Reactions

Accroding to Discovery Guides, the incorporation of a gene into a plant may unintentionally create a new allergen. For highly sensitive people and children who have severe allergy to peanuts, the intake of GMO soybeans can set off an allergic reaction. Discovery Guides reports that for this reason, a proposal to transfer a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans was discarded.

Infant Mortality and Sterility

According to a study conducted at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Association for Gene Security and cited on the Huffington Post, GMO soybeans may be linked to infant mortality and infertility. In a two-year study of hamsters, biologist Alexey V. Surov and colleagues found that the hamster family that had been fed with GMO soybeans for three generations lost the ability to reproduce. There was also a higher infant mortality rate among the GMO soybean-fed hamster pups.

Herbicidal Dangers

GMO soybeans are herbicide-resistant, reports Natural News. Therefore, they can be treated with herbicides in large quantities without being destroyed. The herbicides in GMO soybeans bring some health hazards. In studies by Natural News,  these herbicides can kill the cells of human placental, kidney and umbilical cord within 24 hours.

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