Do peanuts give you acne?

My teenage girl is dealing with acne. Does eating peanut cause her to have acne?


Roasted peanuts have not been scientifically proven to cause acne but the presence of a toxin called aflatoxin in them can cause serious allergy in many children and teens if they are consumed in overly large amounts. 
The serious allergies caused from the consumption of roasted peanuts are presented in the form of eczema breakouts. Acne does not develop directly due to eating roasted peanuts but it may breakout as a second infection when eczema becomes serious.
Eczema usually appears as thickened patches of skin that are red and fissured. Looking like tiny blisters that come with itchiness, they rupture and form a crust. Without control from drugs, eczema can enlarge and block the pores of the skin.
In short, eating roasted peanuts is not a direct cause of acne, but an indirect cause that worsens the skin with eczema. People with both acne and eczema problems need to go for double treatment to deal with these two kinds of skin diseases.
In order to find out whether your acne is caused by peanuts, you can try to stop eating peanuts for one week. If your acne begins to disappear, you will know that eating peanuts was the culprit.

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