Secrets for a long life

Besides eating a healthy, balanced diet and living an active lifestyle, what can you do to have a long life? You might not notice the little things that you can do to have a longer life. 
8 secrets for a longer life
Be Conscientious
An 80-year study found that conscientious people can lead a longer life. Due to their attributes like attentive to detail and persistent, they put in more efforts to protect their relationships and careers, as well as their health. 
Make Friends
In a 10-year study, Australian researchers found elderly social butterflies were less likely to die compared to people with little friends. Another analysis of results from 148 studies supports the claim that plentiful social connections can lead to longevity. 
Choose Your Friends Wisely
Studies indicate obesity and smoking habit are socially “contagious”. Your chance of becoming obese increases by 57% if you have an obese friend. If you have a smoker as your friend, the possibility that you become a smoker can be higher. A a smoker, if you have a friend who is trying to quit smoking, you will be more likely to follow suit.
Embrace the Siesta
In a recent study with 24,000 participants, it was shown that regular nappers are 37% less likely to die from heart disease than occasional nappers. Researchers think naps might help your heart in de-stressing.
Get Married
Several studies show that married people tend to live longer than single people. This difference may be due the social and economic support a marriage provides. Besides, people who are divorced or widowed have lower mortality rates than those who have been single all their lives.
Get Spiritual

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