The best gift for your child

You love your children so much that you are willing to strive hard to provide the best for them. Preparing gifts and gifts and gifts, have you ever thought what kind of gift is the best? There is the best gift that can last for a lifetime for your children. Well, what is that?
Did you say, “I love you!” to your child this morning when he left for school? How long have you stopped saying that to your child (no matter how old he is)? It is just a three-word phrase. Is it so important?
If you say it for one day, you can’t feel any effect. However, if you have been saying it throughout your child’s growing years, it becomes very helpful for your child’s wellbeing.
This kind of words of affirmation can give your child a sense of security. This let him know that he is the best in your eyes and he is a person that matters a lot to you. Indirectly, this boosts his self-confidence in his social interaction with whoever he comes across. As a child, our self-image is easily affected by people around us. When people think that we are stupid, we believe so. When they say that we are lame, we remember that in our heart. However, if you has been assuring your child of how worthy he is to be loved, all the negative comments and treatment he receive for others will be filtered psychologically.
Besides “I love you”, there are other words of affirmation that you can create as you get your ideas by taking a close look at your child’s life. “You have improved a lot in English!”, “Thank you for helping me to clean the car when I am really busy.”, “You had some conflict with Ben but I am glad that you have solved it so well without hurting anyone.”…
By creating a loving and positive environment for your child since he is small, he will grow up to be a positive-minded, loving, confident and psychologically healthy person. You are the one who builds your child’s perception towards this world. Your child is a piece of blank paper. Fill it with many sweet colours. 
Even when your child fails, let him know that you never deny him for that failure as he has many other wonderful attributes. Encourage him so that he will believe that there is no impossibilities if he never gives up. Love him for who he is. Treat him like an adult who deserves respect.
Besides taking care of your child’s psychological being, you should also provide your child with sufficient nutrients for healthy physical growth. 
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