Hot food in plastic bags is hazardous

Since I am small, when I make myself instant cup noodles by just pouring hot water into the cup and covering it up for 5 minutes, my parents always warn me. They warn me that the plastic cup may dissipate some health-threatening chemicals into my noodles. I always thought, ” how about the hot food we buy from hawkers and pack back with plastic bags?
Well, it has been shown that people who always consume tea, coffee, milk, rice, curries and other food carried in plastic bags are prone to kidney and throat cancer and infertility.When hot food is packed in a plastic bag, there can be chemical filtration into the food. The most common food interactions are the migration of low molecular weight substances such as stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants, and monomers from plastic packing materials to food. Those chemicals include styrene and bis-phenol– A which can cause cancer, heart diseases and reproductive problems. High temperature and the nature of the food can maximise the chemical exchange between plastic and food.  
How about bottled mineral water in the market? My parents told me that the bottle can only be reused for around 1 month and it is highly advised not to expose the bottle under sunlight. They said that the chemical in the bottle may be dissipated into the water under high temperature. How true is that?
For your information, most of our bottled mineral water is transported from its factory to shops by trucks. In the trucks, the temperature is usually high due to the heat from sunlight. So, what do you think?

Besides, plastic bags are not biodegradable, thus posing serious environmental problems. The presence of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene in plastic bags is harmful to the environment.
When you are shopping for a plastic container, don’t get fooled by the interesting shapes, patterns and low prices. Go for the high quality plastic containers that are certified safe. Next time, when you want to have a takeaway, prepare a tiffin carrier or a certified food container.

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