Truthful or fake?

A little baby has just learned how to walk
She walked unstably to the yard
plucked a hibiscus
presented it to her elder brother
he threw it aside
plucked another one and presented it to her mummy
Her mummy exclaimed, ‘what a nice flower! Thank you, dear! I love you!’

Since then, her mummy always walks around with a hibiscus on her ear
The baby never gives her brother a hibiscus anymore

A little action may seem insignificant
but it may mean a lot for the doer

A little act of love
if being given some positive feedback
it brightens up the heart of the doer
if it goes unappreciated
it breaks the heart of the doer

If you are doing or saying something out of a loving heart
to cheer someone up
to give hopes
to give encouragement
it is never fake

the way and procedure is not important
the outcome you are targetting is of utmost importance

if you do or say something with a heart brimming with love
even if any unexpected, untoward events happen
it is forgivable
as your motive is good
accidents are unpredictable
at least you have done your part well
the rest…leave it to the God

Love is Care
Care is never redundant
Care is sweet and heart-warming
Giving is Receiving

Next time, ask him about his recent travelling experience
ask her about her newborn niece
ask him about his recent fever
ask her about her recent cousin’s marriage

It will surely warm their hearts
When you get well with people in your workplace
everything will get well too
your mood, your network of friends, your work performance…
when the heart is ‘healthy’, the brain is working well

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