To sacrifice or not to?

In my journey of making my dreams come true
there are countless things to sacrifice
but I have to choose what to sacrifice and what not to?

From a smaller perspective
I can sacrifice my sleep, entertainment…

From a bigger perspective
I may sacrifice my freedom, family, loved ones, life…

There are terrorists who make suicidal bomb attacks to help a cruel king to dominate this world
There are servants who die for their selfish masters
There are ladies who sacrifice her family, academic study…for a robber she loves
All these people make great sacrifice but they do it with willingness
They think their actions are worthwhile

However, we think that they are stupid, selfish and irrational
because the sacrifice does not worth anything
sometimes, they are too rush in making sacrifices

Next time, before you decide to sacrifice something,
ask yourself whether the person or thing you sacrifice for is worthy

You may say, “it’s okay that I make a wrong decision to sacrifice as I can always learn from my mistakes.”
However, life is short. Will you sacrifice too much at the end and be left with nothing anymore to sacrifice?”

Does the person you sacrifice for care a lot? Can the thing you sacrifice for bring your happiness?

There are many sacrifices that we can make but choose wisely.
Some people and things…once lost, never found.

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