Is he perfect enough?

In the search for a love partner to fulfill your wish to be the Cinderella
you always miss out something
What is that? It’s spiritual development
We always look for somebody who serves us well
but have we ever found out whether the Prince is our builder?
For a builder sharpens our senses,
polishes our heart,
clears our soul and
activates our brain.
He makes us a person nearer to perfection

For two people who are tied together
they should not be tied with the hunger for gratification only
they should share a common view that personal development is not a destination
but a journey

As a good partner
we can’t say that we are satisfied with our partner in terms of his everything
Maybe we would say,” it’s okay…he’s not that bad…he is good enough compared to others…everybody is imperfect…”
but that is not always right
this makes his life stagnant
Encouragement for a change towards the better is always essential in a healthy relationship

Just like this couple,
the wife cleans the floor, takes care of the children, washes the dishes, cooks all meals…everyday
the husband pays the bill, repairs the lamp, mows the lawn..everyday
each of them is faced with the same responsibility all days
Never did they exchange their roles
they never learn new things from a new role
If one of them is not around one day
the other is going to feel depressed and crippled at the lost of that person
He or she will be faced with lots of responsibility that he/she never takes over
He/she will be helpless and clueless

The exchange of roles prepares you for crisis
makes you independent
and spices up your marriage
you can always ask if you meet some challenges in the role
There can be interaction

Marriage builds us, not to grab away our chance for advancement.

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