Kids’ essentials

Chewable Vita-C 100mg

– Strengthen your kid’s immune system for preventing sickness
-Better absorption of iron by your kid’s body
-Iron is important for your kid’s brain development
-Iron deficiency can affect your kid’s learning process in a negative way
-Your kids like to run and this makes them tend to fall down accidentally.
-Vita-C can reduce your kids’ injuries to the minimum level and increase the recovery rate.
-Good for the development of teeth and bone

Vita-Lea for Children Chewable

-19 vitamins and minerals including calcium and magnesium needed by your kid’s body
-For stronger bone and body
-Vita-Lea is a wholesome vitamin package.
-Kids like unhealthy junk food.
-They are picky eaters.
-Vita-Lea can be your good helper.

No colouring, food conditioner, taste enhancer and chemical.
Natural and organic.
Only from Shaklee, the number 1 health product manufacturer in the USA.

If interested, call May at 012-5675-240 or drop me a message at Thank you!

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