The essence from Alfalfa plant

Alfalfa Complex 
Alfalfa from California is free of any pesticides and farming chemicals. Known to be “The Father of Food”, alfalfa needs to be planted for 2 years before its harvesting season. Its root can grow underneath the ground till 20-130 feet to absorb different kinds of nutrients.
It is harvested when its leaves are full of nutritious chlorophyll. After that, it is blown dry to retain the nutrients. Alfalfa is well-known in the medical industries of China, India, England and America.
Most nutritious food with high alkalinity
Provide our body with the essential proteins, amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, Coumadin derivatives, 15 types of minerals, 10 kinds of vitamins,8 kinds of enzymes and quite a number of natural phytochemicals, that are hard to be gained from eating fruits and vegetables.

Clear blood,liver and intestines
The chlorophyll can balance the acidic nature of your body, help in detoxification and promote better skin health.
Protection against allergies
Improve skin-related and nose-related allergies. Prevent athlete’s foot and bad foot odour.
Improve the health of intestines and stomach
Improve digestive problems like bloated stomach, gastric, stomach ulcers, liver inflammation and constipation. Enhance appetite and absorption of food nutrients by the body.
Remove fat and cholesterol
Clinical studies have proven that its consumption can cut down the risk of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.Alfalfa is rich with saponins that can absorb cholesterol.
Fight against tumour growth
If consumed in a big quantity (50-80 pills), it can alkalise your body and alter cancerous cells, in turn reduce tumour growth.
Remove excessive fluid
Good for urination. Specially for women during menstrual period, who experience fluid retention. Helpful for uricosuric and gout sufferers.
Reduce tiredness
Love for meat, lack of exercise and overconsumption of processed food can increase the acidity of blood, destroy the well-being of red blood cells, slow down metabolism and increase toxidity. Alfalfa is rich with minerals and chlorophyll that can alkalise our body, reduce tiredness dan treat abnormal illnesses.
Inflammation of joints
Reduce gout pain due to uricosuric illness.
This supplement is very flexible to be consumed. You can blend all the Alfalfa pills into powdery form for preparation of a beverage mixed with water, juice or soy milk.
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*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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