I want to be a vegetarian

I am a flexitarian
My dream is to be a vegan
but I will start from being a vegetarian
each small step brings you closer to the destination
I should think that…

I am going to get vegetarian food
wherever I go
if I put in effort to find it
if I ask for vegetarian food kindly
if I express gratitude for vegetarian food provider
if I prepare myself a vegetarian bento before leaving home
if I know how to cook vegetarian food
if I store up some instant vegetarian food at home
if I respect people’s diet as well as my own

I am going to get accepted as a vegetarian 
wherever I go
if I accept myself as a vegetarian 
if I know I can be a vegetarian
if I know what is animal cruelty
if I know what is environment-friendliness
if I know being a vegetarian is a pride
if I know I can make a big change by being a vegetarian

When you are happy
nothing is a problem
nobody annoys you
naughty kids shine out with their innocent activeness
everything is a cause-effect happening
everything happens for a higher purpose
everything is God’s plan for you
all good things come to you
all happens as you wish
you dream big

When you are sad 
everything becomes a problem
everybody is so hated by you
naughty kids are born evil as interpreted by you
everything is due to your bad luck and mistakes
everything is going to bring you disaster
everything is your bad return
all bad things come to you
all things go against you
you don’t dare to dream

If I think good and happy
everything is going to work for me
I am going to see everything in a good light
nothing can be against me
how I see can create miracles
I send out good signals
all that is good comes back to me!

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