GLA Complex

GLA,Vitamin E, and Sunflower Seed Oil
·         Trusted traditional herb
Borage is the favourite of Western people for fighting viruses and ulcers, preventing tiredness, clearing lungs of phlegm, preventing muscle cramps and enhancing body strength.
·         Balances hormones in both genders
Prevents problems for pre- and post-menstrual period like pain, blackheads, moodiness, water weight and swollen breasts.
·         Delays menopause
Helps in coping with sex upsurge, insomnia, indigestion, depression, aging process and drooping vagina. Promotes younger skin.
·         Prevents enlarged prostate
Especially for men, GLA can helps in coping with enlarged prostate and urinary problems.
·         Fights cancer
A kind of antioxidant that enhances immune system and prevents the growth of tumour and cancerous cells.
·         Enhances dermatitis
Reduces skin inflammation and eczema as well as fighting off old freckles. Enhances sensitive, itchy, or dry skin to aid skin exfoliation. Besides, it reduces joint pain and inflammation due to arthritis and rheumatoid.
·         Prevents diabetes
Reduces blood glucose level. Good for diabetic pregnant ladies and diabetic elderlies. Reduces muscle cramps and pain due to high blood glucose level.
·         Slimming and prevents obesity
Reduces LDL cholesterol for slimming and firmer muscles. Ladies can have a slim body shape with lower chance of getting overweight again. GLA Complex consumed with an empty stomach can help to decrease the secretion of stomach acid.
·         Prevents high blood pressure
Prevents the coagulation of blood and promotes blood circulation by widening blood vessels. Improves high blood pressure to prevent the hardening of arteries, heart attacks and other heart-related problems.
·         Healthier hair
Prevents hair fall and dry hair problems.
·         Suitable for hyperactive or autistic children
It is clinically proven that a high consumption of GLA can improve the condition of autistic or hyperactive children, including those facing difficulty in recognizing words.
Available in a bottle of 60 capsules. If interested, drop me a comment or call May at 012-5675-240. My email address is
Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. All Shaklee products are free of artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, dyes, trans fats, hidden fillers, animal testing, banned substances and chlorine bleach with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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