Essential for sports people

Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink

The invention of this formula aimed to provide the members of Daedalus project with sufficient nutrition to set world record for human-powered flight of the longest distance. NASA astronauts, international athletes, explorers are some of the supporters for this formula. It is one of the formulas which have broken the most world records.  
Rehydrates Faster than Water
Working or playing hard depletes precious nutrients and takes its toll on your body. Shaklee Performance is the ideal “during” drink. Performance rehydrates faster than water and provides energy to keep you going.

  • With exclusive OptiCarb for energy and endurance. 
  • Essential fluid and electrolytes to prevent dehydration
  • Clinically proven to maintain athletes’ blood glucose levels for muscle energy and fluid levels for proper hydration.
Suitable for…
  • busy working class people
  • runners and athletes of various categories 
  • people who stay up late at nights or feel lethargic
  • pre- and post-surgery
  • dry skin
  • dry genital area
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • low blood glucose level
  • tired and dizzy
Available in 539 gram for 19 servings. If you are interested in purchasing, drop me a comment or contact May at 012-5675-240. I am reachable through my email at too.

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. All Shaklee products are free of artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, dyes, trans fats, hidden fillers, animal testing, banned substances and chlorine bleach with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

As a runner, not only that you need to have frequent running practices, you need to watch out on your nutrition intake. Insufficient nutrition or fluid loss during the run can impair your running performance. Depriving your body of certain elements while running can affect your feeling and thinking. Poor judgment, lack of concentration and bad capability to make decision due to fluid loss can challenge you in reaching the peak performance. 
While exercising, our body fluid is lost through exhaled air and sweating. The loss of body fluid while running is equal to the loss of body weight. It is proven that a loss of 2% body fluid can lead to more effort in running and and reduce our performance by 10 to 20%. A merely loss 2% body fluid can impair your performance badly, further causing greater risk for heat stress and collapse.
Why is fluid so important? When we sweat a lot, there is progressive depletion of our blood volume and thickening of our blood. If fluid in our blood stream is used up a lot, our blood becomes concentrated and less. This can take a toll on our cardiovascular system and increase our heart rate. Blood is essential as it sends nutrients to our exercising muscles and vital organs for functionality. A lower volume of blood means less blood to be pumped to our skin.Under this circumstance, we sweat less and this can interfere with our heat dissipation. The rise of our body temperature due to this reason is potentially damaging to our health.
During sweating, not only water is lost but also electrolytes like sodium. Sodium is an essential element to our nerves for muscle movement. If you are involved in long-distance running, you might lose sodium for sweating while running  more than the amount you consume for the whole day. 
In order to avoid early fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, lightheadedness, and nausea, hydrate your body as necessary while running. Sports drink with electrolytes is recommended. If you are craving for salty food after running, this can be a sign that your body is asking to replenish its sodium.

Besides fluid and electrolytes, we need carbohydrates for sports endurance and power. Carbohydrates help to regulate our blood glucose level and sustain our energy for running. Runners should have 60 to 65% of their total calorie intake made up of carbohydrates. Compared to protein and fats, carbohydrates provide us with quicker, more long-lasting energy source for better performance. Performance drink contains OptiCarb for maximum carbohydrate intake by the body.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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