Good news for earth lovers and dream builders

A person without dream is a bird without wings.
Are you making your dream coming true?
or you have hidden it in an enclosed box?
Not dared to open it up again as you think it’s impossible?

Time to open it up.
Stay out of your comfort zone.
The fence around your comfort zone is actually very low.
However, your thinking binds you to the comfort zone.
Thinking shapes your feeling
Feeling leads to action

If you never think out of the box
never think you are a mighty eagle
but think you are just a weak chicken
you will only become what you are today in the future

For stepping to the peak
you need to think that you are potential
and your dreams are possibilities
Don’t limit your dream

and don’t set your dream according to what you have now
set a dream as if you can make everything possible

If you think you can succeed, you can succeed.
If you think you can fail, you can fail.

Don’t listen to the thieves of dream
One is called sour grape
Another is sweet lemon

Sour grape says everything is impossible because he gives up or never tries
The fox says that the grape is sour instead of sweet as it can’t reach it

Listen to successful people
They are sources of reliable and valuable information
External people and quitters give inaccurate and discouraging information

There is only a failure when you really give up
If not, everything is a learning phase for greater transformation

Sweet lemons are people who think they are happy,
but in the fact not happy
They are over-satisfied with their life
that their life becomes stagnant and average

A memorable life instead of an average one is achievable
accept that you have more to strive for
go for it and your life will be coloured

Lots of people died regretting not achieving their dreams
Regretted not spending time with family, not connecting with old friends,not staying happier…

Attended Shaklee‘s New Distributor Opportunity today and got enlightened with this.

It is an eco-friendly company. Good for health and suits all dream builders. Without health, it is hard to pursue our dreams. We have only one life and one earth. Shaklee helps to enhance our life physically and spiritually besides causing zero pollution to the world with its business.Whatever amount of pollution is compensated with the plantation of new trees for a greener world.

This is a great news for earth lovers out there!

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