It is about attitude

If our dream becomes difficult, shall we stop?

If a fortune teller says your son will die at the age of 18, will you resort to abortion when he is still in your tummy?

If the person is too imperfect, will
you screw up the relationship between you two?

Life is alway unpredictable and sometimes difficult, but that doesn’t mean you should quit living.

Just like you won’t cancel your trip to the cinema just because of the rain after you bought the movie ticket with your saving in the piggy bank.

If you know your life is mortal and you will surely die one day, will you rather choose to have not lived?

Who doesn’t have difficulties?
Who never feels sad?
Who never feels down?
It is about attitude.

Be contented with every short while
As eternity is made up of numerous short whiles

A candle will be blown off, no matter how bright it is
Sunrise is always followed by sunset
Rain is always followed by rainbow
Nothing is permanent
Your sadness and failure too

Everything is a passing phase to create the next level of happiness
The more you grow, the higher the level of happiness you reach.

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